To SeasumFits Customers:

As you may have noticed, even our global is going through unusual and challenging times(COVID-19), your well-being and satety are our top priority. Receiving parcels have NO RISK at ALL-confimed by CDC(Centers for Disease Control) and WHO(World Health Organization). We will stand with you as well as work together to bring this crisis to an end.

Q1: Are you still shipping packages on time?

YES! Due to substantital investments we've made to our shipping service, we're fully operational and your packages will continue to be delivered as scheduled. BUT Please Noted that we need 1-5 business day to process your order and it takes 7-15 business day to deliver to your hands. We make sure that you will get your order(s) within 30 business days.

Q2: Are packages safe to receive?

YES! Our packages are absolutely safe! According to experts from CDC and WHO, coronavirus CANNOT survive on surfaces for more than 3 days. It can't survive the journey from our warehouse to your door.

Q3: Are your warehouses safe?

YES! Our employees get daily checkups by medical professionals. Our Stock shelves and conveyor belts are cleaned and disinfected every day.

Q4: More effective way to contact us?

In order to help you solve your problems(before or after sales) during COVID-19, we offer more ways to contact our customer service (Before or After Sales). Typical response time is 24 hours (GMT+8 9:00AM-6:00PM, Monday - Friday).


 Messenger: @Seasumfits

 Instagram: @Seasum_official


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